Zambia Consumer Association ZACA has condemned some bar and night club owners who operate in disregard of health regulations.

Recent operations conducted by the Lusaka City Council in selected townships of the city revealed wide-spread abrogation of Covid 19 health regulations and presidential orders regarding opening of bars during the Covid 19 pandemic.
ZACA Executive Secretary Juba Sakala has called on other local authorities to heighten community surveillance and take action against wrong doers.
Mr. Sakala has also urged consumers not to risk their lives over a habit that is entirely avoidable.
He explains that it’s highly irresponsible to disregard health regulations just to satisfy one’s desire to consume alcohol.
And Mr. Sakala has called on local authorities throughout the country to enforce smoke free laws during this difficult period of the Covid 19 pandemic.
He says this is because WHO, the World Health Organization and other global health public institutions have established that smokers are predisposed to more severe Covid 19 complications.
And Mayor Miles Sampa last week embarked on closing Foreigner’s bars which where operating such as glandydaddys, Chikagos and many other bars and night clubs which where operating normally even after the president advised the bar and night club owners to wait until cold season is over.