UPND youths in monze booed the President Edgar chagwa Lungu over the weekend. after Monze UPND youths booed President Lungu, Mr Lusambo has acted to draw battle lines against UPND and its members in the copperbelt.
Mr Lusambo has therefore regrettable that the opposition UPND elected to disrespect the Head of State by portraying behavior that is uncalled for when he visited Monze and other districts in Southern Province.

He has said that the UPND ought to reliase that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a President for all Zambians and holds the highest public office in the land and he deserves respect.

He said the behaviour portrayed by the UPND youths in that uncouth manner, the UPND leadership has drawn a line and they have clearly chosen their path.
“As Copperbelt Province Mobilisation Chairperson, I wish to announce that our members on the Copperbelt will make it impossible for the UPND to conduct any business in the province. We will simply reciprocate the treatment they are subjecting our leader to and carry it out to good measure on the Copperbelt.” He said.
And youths in Luapula through their youth chairperson Kalumba Chifumbe who is Kawambwa PF Youth Chairperson charges that Hakainde Hichilema’s failure to condemn violence by his cadres against Lungu is an indication that he is responsible for the act.
Chifumbe says Hichilema should not dare visit Luapula Province because it will be the riskiest thing to do.
He says Hichilema should brace for the toughest political terrain in all PF strongholds now that he has become provocative.
Chifumbe has also extended a warning to other opposition political leaders that they would find it difficult to penetrate Luapula if they base their campaign on disrespect and malice against the President.
“Whether he comes by land, water or road or air, he will not be allowed into Luapula,” says Chifumbe.