Cornelius mweetwa causes stir in parliament this morning.

UPND Choma Central Member of Parliament, Cornelius Mweetwa has caused a stir in parliament after refusing to apologise to Vice President, Inonge Wina for allegedly demeaning her by describing her statement as shameful and shallow for blaming the opposition for the gassing incidents that hit the country late last year into the early part of 2020.

Mr. Mweetwa refused to apologise after Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini found the Choma law maker guilty of the alleged demeaning words which were uttered on Diamond Television and published in the Mast Newspaper.
Mandevu Member of Parliament, Jean Kapata raised the point of order on whether Mr. Mweetwa was in order to refer to the leader of the house as shameful and shallow when he featured on Diamond TV COSTA programme.

Dr. Matibini says the statement was an attack on the Vice President’s persona and that Mr. Mweetwa breached the parliamentary rules and was then directed to apologise.

Mr. Mweetwa then took the floor to speak but to everyone’s surprise instead of reading the note of apology given to him by the clerk, refused to render the apology, stating that apologising on the matter was like telling him to stop breathing.

He said his statement was within the realm of his freedom of expression.