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Scott, 29 years old, Calgary, Canada
Lyle, 31 years old, Berlin, Germany
Veronica, 38 years old, Paris, France
Leonora, 36 years old, Berlin, Germany
Antoinette, 26 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
John, 36 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Olivia, 33 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Colleen, 33 years old, Berlin, Germany
Dustin, 22 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Clive, 40 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Meredith, 27 years old, Berlin, Germany
Reynold, 28 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Dale, 28 years old, Sydney, Australia
Quincy, 32 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Marshall, 27 years old, Madrid, Colombia